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Your goal is to be committed to each other in a monogamous relationship, but you need to test that some more. In addition, it is much less crowded than direct labelling.

Some facts about exclusive dating vs relationships

You get to know each other better and better and spend the same amount of time and energy without being distracted by other potential partners. You have to know what the other has. The important thing is that you see the potential and are ready for each other to work on a future together to see if the two of you really fit together and if you feel comfortable in this relationship. The exclusive dating process means your lives become more connected. Maybe you start hanging out with your partner’s friends regularly on the weekend, or you’re starting to get curious about an author your partner thinks is a genius. You probably have lost interest in your work, and if the dating app is still on your phone, you haven’t touched it in weeks. And when you land on his or her Instagram story or feed, it’s a sign that your relationship is becoming exclusive. That said, dating exclusively doesn’t mean this person is your boyfriend or girlfriend. This role requires a legal responsibility and a change of priorities, namely consolidating your obligations with other obligations.

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