Top 5 Best Craigslist Personal Alternative

5 Best Craigslist Personal Replacements in 2022

Very recently, the USA government passed a bill to fight online sexual trafficking. The purpose of the bill “FOSTA” is to account for the illegally operated websites through the personal pages on the current website.

What is Craigslist? is one of the most famous sites in the world. It is the 38th most visited site in the world (and 8th in the United States): more than 50,000,000,000 hits per month. And all the same design from the 90s, without graphics, clean and ruthless HTML and CSS. Over the years of his growth, he only acquired that he had a more extensive system of categories, a search, a simple forum, and a convenient domain name

Here are the top 5 Best Craigslist Personals Alternative websites in 2019

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  4. HornyWife

Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder

AdultFriendFinder has been “the go-to” place for craigslist personals alternative or adult hookups for the past 23 years. But is it any good? What about scammers? I’ve reviewed this website from top to bottom and can give you the low-down on exactly what works, what doesn’t, things to avoid, and how to succeed in what matters – getting laid.

Join the Largest Adult Social Media Community!

AdultFriendFinder claims to be the biggest casual dating site or best craigslist personals alternative in the world. Is this true? Yes, it’s actually the biggest by a long way. we’ve checked the visitor numbers (you can see on any ranking website) and what this shows is that AdultFriendFinder receives vastly more visitors compared to other hookup sites like SexSearch, GetItOn or HornyMatches.

Size isn’t Everything – Just having a lot of members doesn’t mean a site is worth your time or money. This is especially true if you have 20 horny men chasing every girl – which is by the way, not far from the truth on a lot of adult dating sites.

Women – If you’re a girl, hooking up on the site is a no-brainer – just put up a profile with some of your best sexy photos and men will come to you in their droves. Just use the site for free. Don’t even bother upgrading at least for a couple of months. Lots of men on AdultFriendFinder (at least the ones who aren’t cheap losers) will have bought the “full contact” package. This allows anyone to contact them for free – including you.

Guys – How to stand out – Guys, the main problem you’re going to have is standing out from the crowd. Keep in mind that every attractive female on the site is literally getting blasted with emails and flirts from horny guys. Make it your number one priority to get a decent profile up together.

Create a “Killer Adultfriendfinder Profile”

Think you can get laid without a photo? Forget it. Add one or more decent photos to set-off your profile and see the difference. Adding a video is also a good idea. Women are more likely to trust and take seriously a guy who’s actually put himself out there with a video introducer (anonymous profiles tend to set women’ “alarm bells” off… and I don’t mean in a good way – think local perv or serial killer…).

WARNING we don’t recommend putting up a full-frontal image – unless you happen to be looking for gay sex.

Instead, add some tastefully done topless photos that show off your body and best assets. Most women will be put-off by highly explicit photos. Likewise, avoid talking about your penis size in the first sentence of your “About Me” section; even if you do have something to brag about!

Hot women don’t tend to stay on the site for long. Usually, they’ve had enough sexual advances and everything else they can handle after a few weeks and they get “burnt out”.

we recommend being more tactful – women will appreciate a subtle approach and you’re less likely to come across as being totally desperate for sex. That will set you apart from 99% of other guys on the site.

Keep an eye out for new Joiners – Hot women don’t tend to stay on the site for long. Usually, they’ve had enough sexual advances and everything else they can handle after a few weeks and they get “burnt out”. Therefore, it’s especially important to keep an eye out for new female joiners.

Setup your Cupid Preferences – Use the Cupid link (My Stuff -> Preferences) to describe your ideal sex partner. Your searches will show you people who match what you put here – and people who’re into the same stuff as you.

Once you’ve set up your Cupid settings, go to the Email Preferences page and make sure the option is checked to receive email alerts when someone matches your requirements. This way you’ll get alerted about new female joiners.

AdultFriendfinder’s Purity Test – In another section called the “Purity Test” you can go into a lot more details about your sexual preferences for example:

  • How adventurous you are (threesomes, swinging, outdoor sex and so on)
  • How far you’ll go with the opposite sex
  • What you’re definitely not into
  • Whether you’ve ever cheat
  • Had one-night-stands

You’ll have the option to let other people view your test results or keep them private. Nobody can see your specific answers however they’ll see a score depending on “how randy” you are – your purity score.

Avoiding Scammers on AdultFriendFinder

Scammers are fairly easy to spot. Here are the main warning signs:

  • Email, telephone no, or the web address is given in the first message
  • Asking you to instant chat offsite straight away
  • Broken English
  • Generic messages that lack substance and specific details about you
  • Empty profile (just “porn actress” like photos)
  • Asking for money, phone top-ups, credits, purchasing membership or anything similar

AdultFriendFinder’s check systems are pretty good at catching scammers and they’ll be dealt with accordingly.

Upgrading – The main reason to upgrade is removing the highly irritating “upgrade now” boxes which appear every time you try to view someone’s photos, send messages or do just about anything else.

Gold or VIP: Becoming a Gold (or VIP) member lets you use all of the chat and email systems that are available as well as making your profile stand out when people do searches. In short, if you’re a guy your chances of getting any action without upgrading are practically zero.


Being successful on AdultFriendFinder is possible if you follow these tips. Just be aware that the name of the game is standing out from the mass of horny, oversexed guys who’re all after the same thing. In summary, it’s imperative to:

  • Get your profile up-together,
  • Set up your alerts properly
  • Spot scammers quickly so you don’t waste time and money chasing cam girls
  • Be active on the site: and hit upon new joiners (take advantage while they’re still fresh)

Passion comes across as a “softcore” kind of adult dating site or this is also the best craigslist personals alternative website. We found it filled with people in denial about their sexual wants and needs – cougars and career girls flock to this site!

In my opinion, is for people in denial. Why? Because this is very much a sex site in disguise. To put it bluntly, is the “tamed- down” side of AFF (that’s right, AdultFriendfinder).

Beneath the softcore fluff about meeting a passionate soul mate on the homepage, you’ll find the same horny f**ckers looking to get into each other’s pants at any opportunity.

So Why Even Use Passion?

Why not just go to that king of sex sites, AFF, and be done with it? Well not wanting to be put off, Amy, Jay, Brad, and Julia (that’s me) at the AMF office decided to give our “all in one” review and see what came up. Read on to see how we did.

The PG-style homepage is there to make people feel as though they’re there to make a connection, rather than satisfying their lustful fantasies – which is more often the case.

Firstly I don’t want you to be under any illusion; is every bit as much a hookup site or alternative site like craigslist personal as AFF. The PG-style homepage, and romantic connotations, I think are there just to make people feel as though they’re there to make a connection, rather than satisfying their lustful fantasies about banging some hot little housewife.

As if there is some sort of chance that you could find your next wife here or hubby for that matter! Forget that bullshit, you might find an f*ck buddy, swinging mate, or some local tart to cheat with – but don’t be under any illusion that this is a dating site. Users Come in Four “Flavors”

“Just experimenting” •  First there’s the “just experimenting” type. These users are most often young professionals in their twenties or early thirties. Very often, they’re female and already in relationships. They are looking for some steamy action behind their spouse’s back. Most often they go after no-strings hookups with guys. They rarely want anything too heavy or too kinky (see here if you’re into that).

 “Experienced cougars” •  Next there’s the experienced cougar. These are attractive, confident women of thirty years of age upwards. Sometimes they’re married (the classic, dirty housewife), but most often they’re divorced. Cougars are experienced players and are looking to “eat alive” any young, virulent males they can get their claws into.

“My wife doesn’t understand me” •  These are men in their twenties and upwards. Most often they have a frigid, career-driven wife, who reluctantly gives them poor sex once per month.

Horny and up for anything” •  Lastly, everyone’s favorite. The “horny and up for anything” group are typically young males, twenty-something, slightly desperate and will hook up with anyone who’ll have them – singles, couples, even other guys.

So What’s The Best Play on

For women

First, establish your group. Decide where you best fit-in so to speak? That will decide how you play and how successful you’ll be. You need to create your profile, especially for the group you’re in.

Girls: There are enough people on that you can be relatively selective. I would say within one week I had a choice of around ten fit guys.

As for me, I decided on “just experimenting,” as that kind of fits me best. I basically just told everyone I was there to try things out slowly and didn’t want to get in too deep or too involved. I put up some sexy lingerie shots of me lying on the bed. Bam! That was enough to do the trick. Inbox full.

Tell it like it is: Girls: It’s important for you to say what sort of arrangement you’re looking for. Ultimately some people on want to meet strictly as a threesome, while for others it’s the opposite – they only want one-on-one action. The more specific you get on your profile, the more likely you are to find what you want.

Be selective: There are definitely enough people on that you can be fairly selective. I would say within one week I had a choice of around ten fit guys. It isn’t difficult for girls – you can have your pick here.

Pay or go free? You also need to decide if you’re going to pay for the ride or go freebie. While it’s doable for women to go free on and just wait for paid-up dudes to contact you, my advice is to join-up on the basic level. The reason is, as a female, you can be waiting a long while for quality men to turn-up and find you. Remember, free profiles show up at the bottom – after everyone else in searches!

If you’re paid, you can be much more active and go on the hunt yourself rather than sitting back and hoping for the best.

The best play for guys

The two fellas put up their basic profiles, each going after one particular type of woman.

We found cougars are especially turned on by those Chippendale styles, bare chest shots. Think of a black-and-white photo of a ripped guy holding tire or giant wrench.

Jay, cougar hunter: Remember cougars desire one thing; fresh young male meat. If you’re looking for cougars, set your profile to single. Most cougars are looking for a guy who’s going to be there when she wants. Cougars are seldom into married dudes who’ll probably be running back to their wives after an hour or three.

Stamina: Bragging about how often you work-out at the gym goes down well with cougars. Remember, cougars are after guys with stamina. Say how many bench-press you can do, or marathons you can run. The last thing she wants is a guy who reminds her of her flabby 50 something ex-hubby.

Be creative with your job title: It’s also a good idea to be creative when it comes to describing your employment. Cougars are attracted to manly and outdoor types. Firemen and construction workers are a whole lot more attractive to these mature women than suits are. Remember, cougars are not impressed by how much you earn. All they want to know is that you can “keep it up” all night.

Photos: We found cougars are especially turned on by those Chippendale styles, bare chest shots. Think of a black-and-white photo of a ripped guy holding tire or giant wrench. If necessary, learn to photo-shop your images to enhance how you look. Hey, there’s no excuse these days.

Most cougars will be well aware you don’t really have chiseled abs and a ripped body, but by the time you meet – who cares?

Brad: Brad was tasked to bag some of those flirty, young career girls. What he found is that it’s best to tone things down a notch or two here. You don’t want to come on too strong else you’ll scare this type of girl away.

The key to getting laid with this type is being quietly confident. Remember, a lot of these are career girls by day, so they’re self-assured and know what they want.

Getting down to basics: Brad discovered that unlike the cougar, this type is more interested in you as a person, rather than whether you have the stamina (and tool pack) of a racehorse. So it’s a good idea to fill in a lot of detail about yourself. Also, be sure to add some good images and even a video if you can – it builds trust.

The key to getting laid with this type is being quietly confident. Remember, a lot of these are career girls by day, so they’re self-assured and know what they want. Don’t assume these hotties only go after single guys. Just like on HornyMatches, we found loads of these young babes are up for fun and games with married men too – they don’t have too many scruples.

So Is It Worth It?

At the end of the day, we found to be every bit as viable a sex site as AdultFriendfinder, and HornyMatches. Just be aware that many people on are in denial about their real desires.


Whenever I go on Fling, I always find at least a few people in my area to hang out with. If you know how to play it, this website can be a real buzz of activity with tons of sexy profiles of men, women and “in-betweeners” to be found. And because of the enormous size of, whatever kinky stuff you’re into, you can be sure someone else will be on thereafter the same thing.

Who Will You Find There?

Fling is good for singles, casual sex seekers, and partner swappers or who are looking craigslist personals alternative. Surprisingly unlike most hookup sites, relationship status doesn’t figure when you do search for people. You can’t search for married or singles in the way you can say on Ashley Madison, but searching by sexual interests and orientation is dead easy.

Anyhow, the main thing I would say is that Fling stands out thanks to their goal of being “the quality adult dating experience”.

This comes across, not only in the website’s appearance but also in a whole raft of security measures designed to protect users, eject scammers and make that whole dating experience better, safer and more wholesome.

There’s an abundance of horny and up for it girls on Fling. As a guy, your main job is to stand out from the crowd of jerks and losers.

Does Work?

We tried out over the course of a few weeks and came back with an overall thumbs-up. If you’re looking for an alternative to craigslist personals sites, Fling will do that for you.

It has different people, different groups, different setups, and in some ways, more possibilities.

When it comes down to finding sex partners, delivers on that at least as well as AFF in my experience. One thing’s the same thought: Don’t expect to get anything for free.

Just like Adultfriendfinder “non-paying” account holders only get to see tiny thumb-sized photos and can’t even open other people’s profile pages. You get what you pay for I guess.

Guys: Our two male reviewers created their profiles, both seeking straight one-on-one hookups with hot girls in their area. Activity on Fling very much revolves around local areas (state, town, & city).

Find your nearest hot spot: You’ll soon find out if your own area is hot or not after signup. If it’s not, don’t worry. Just do what we did. What we had to do was “move” our exact location to a neighboring bigger city, which was much more active with swingers and sex seekers.

If you don’t do this, you could find you’re in a “dead zone” with no (or little) activity and nothing much going on.

Our guys managed to score one after another, by straight, no-nonsense talk and taking charge. Having a confident attitude will make you stand head-and-shoulders above most of the other dorks.

Response rate we had:

  • Female seeking male (FSM) – 77%
  • Male seeking female (MSF) – 25%
  • the female seeking couple – 81%
  • The male seeking couple – 16%

Until you upgrade, you won’t be able to browse any other areas other than your own. So this is best done after you’ve become a fully paid-up member and you have the freedom to change and experiment with your settings.

Getting In And Staying In…

Getting approved: The other thing to be aware of is that Fling is super-hot on finding and getting rid of scammy looking profiles. Jay, one of our male reviewers, had two of his profiles terminated within 24-hours. Having to start all over, with a new profile and fresh email address is the only way out here.

IMPORTANT: To avoid getting your profile rejected, the following tips are crucial:

  • Fill out enough of your profile so that you look like a real person. That means, appearance, real zip code (or area), birthday (don’t put something like 1-1-1990 it’s a sure sign of a faker).
  • Put something in your “About Me” and an “About You” section.
  • Photos help, just so long as they’re real. One sure way to get approved (and remain so) is to get at least one of your photos verified. Likewise, one guaranteed way to get banned is to put up a blatantly fake glossy photo.

Playing For Success

Approach: There’s an abundance of horny and up for it girls on Fling, that’s for sure. As a guy, your main job is to stand out from the crowd of jerks and losers. These boneheads will be pulling every trick in the book to try and get their dumb asses laid.

What we discovered: most of these creeps play the “sensitive guy” thinking that’s what women like. How retarded are they?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a bit caring at the right time but give me a break! The women on Fling are there for one reason only, that’s to get screwed senseless by guys who know exactly what they’re doing – anyone else just won’t do. Sorry.

Our guys managed to score one after another, by straight, no-nonsense talk and taking charge. Having a confident attitude will make you stand head-and-shoulders above most of the other dorks on there who contact me every day. They whine on and on about how caring and sensitive they are – which every woman knows is bullshit.

Don’t be crass or disgusting. But on the other hand, don’t flap around either. Cut to the chase and say exactly what you’re going to do with her. Do this when sending emails, or in the live chat. She’ll see you as being masculine, in control and knowing what you want. Don’t goof around like a teen on a first date as the other jerks do. It’ll just annoy her.

Choosing A Membership Plan

Which membership? As I said above, the free account is just “bait and switch” to get you to signup. It offers absolutely nothing in the way of access or site services. You can start-up the live chat tool – but don’t be fooled! As soon as you hit the “send message” button, you’ll be carried off to the upgrade page. You have zero chance of meeting anyone with this option – they make it that way for a reason.

SILVER • Next up there’s the silver membership. This gives you just about everything you’ll need to chat, email and hookup with people. Silver is an ideal plan for regular users and is perfectly fine for women.

GOLD • For men, if you’re going all out and will be using the site a lot, I recommend Gold. Why? As well as allowing you to contact anyone, Gold lets absolutely anyone (including freebie account members) send you messages just as if they’re a fully paid-up member.

A bit excessive? Maybe, but being only $10 per month on top of the regular membership, it’s probably worth it for you if you’re on there all day long. The other bonus is that you can get yourself featured on the site – it’s like having your very own advertisement.

Going Mobile: If you’re on your smartphone or other portable devices a lot, Fling has a nice mobile version of their website. It does work well on both Android and iPhone devices – I’ve tried on both and did get everything to work ok; viewing my messages, browsing and searching without any issues.



Now, call me skeptical, but a website where a bunch of horny married women goes when their hubbies are hard at work seemed a bit far-fetched.

And talk about the name is a dead giveaway, “hi honey you’ve got some emails from, so what were you doing there exactly..?”

Is this site for real craigslist personals alternative? That’s what we wanted to find out, so we gave it our best shot and reviewed HornyWife inside out. We sent our intrepid team of reviewers over to see what all the fuss is about. Read on to find out how we got on and if this website is any good or not.

So what were you doing at HornyWife…?

True to its name, HornyWife does have some downright horny women, but here’s the thing… If you check out the profiles of these naughty housewives, many are on there with hubby’s consent.

If you check out the profiles of these naughty housewives, many are on there with hubby’s consent.

Be prepared for couples • Some women are looking for solo action – her husband knows about and is consensual in her steamy affairs.

Others are looking for threesomes, couple fun or in some cases, their other half just watches but doesn’t join in. You can also readily find couples looking for regular hookup partners in their areas; both male and female.

Last but not least there’s the group of adulterous females on there just looking for some good ol’ fashioned nookie on the side. Basically, these women are looking for NSA (no strings attached) dating similar to what goes on at Ashley Madison’s site (read more here). So we found HornyWife to be a bit of mixed bag, to put it mildly. Here’s the demographic breakdown that we found on there:

  • Female seeking consensual affair – 16%
  • Female seeking illicit affair – 12%
  • Male seeking female (any) – 57%
  • Couples seeking male/female – 11%
  • Others – 4%

Make the most of being new

When you first get in, it’s as if they’re all chasing to meet the new kid in town. So you need to make the most of that period. Like a lot of sites, new joiners on HornyWife get a boost for a few weeks. Your profile gets sent out by email to possible matches in your area, and you also get lifted up in the searches for a while (as well as appearing on the new members’ page).

So my advice is to make the most of the newbie boost and make as many contacts as you can during this time.

“Stand-Out” in A Good Way


We created five profiles on HornyWife; two male and two females – all seeking opposite sex hookups. We also created the profile of a couple seeking male or female swinging partners in our area. In all, we made sure to include some genuine but not too explicit photos (hey, I don’t wanna be a jerk off material), and filled-out as much of our profile details as we could.

Over the years we’ve been in this business, it’s been proven time and time again that taking a bit of time to create a cracking personal profile is what’s needed to be successful in adult (and other) dating sites.

Guys: You need to get across to women in 2-seconds flat why you’re better than all those other “horny meat-poles” who’re just a mouse click away.

“Bling-up” your profile •  I recommend you add as much bling to your profile as you are comfortable with. Extra photos and video introductions go down well at HornyWife.

Adding great media goes a long way to grabbing peoples’ attention – not only that, “blinged-up” profiles (lots of images, videos, and stuff) appear above those without media. For guys, this is especially important. You need to get across to women in 2-seconds flat why you’re better than the one-million other horny “meat sticks” that are just a mouse click away.

Expert female tip •  Sell yourself, not just what’s in your pants. Oh and don’t forget the “Purity Test”, that’s well worth the effort in my opinion. I always read the details of people’s test as it gives you strong clues about what stuff they’re into, what they are about and more importantly if they are time-wasters. Not everyone chooses to display the test results, you do get the option.

HornyWife profile we created Response Rate (email replies vs. emails sent)
Single male seeking a wife 19% – 47 emails send, 9 replies
Married male seeking a wife 31% – 61 emails sent, 19 replies
Wife seeking attached male 85% – 27 emails sent, 23 replies
Wife seeking single male 88% – 33 emails sent, 29 replies
Couple seeking men or women 33% – 18 emails sent, we had 6 replies

Mating-Up On HornyWife

Initiate contact • Once we had the profiles set up, we sent email messages to people who lived within a reasonable distance, mostly less than about 2 hours drive away. HornyWife doesn’t let you send out anything unless you become a paid-up member (or talking to someone who is). You can’t even send flirts. So guys if you’re looking for a free hookup site, forget this one.

To cut to the chase, we had to upgrade all of our accounts to full membership to get over the limited access on the free membership, which was kind of annoying.

Guys • Our two guys worked tirelessly to write some great opening emails to women who 1) looked like they’d been active recently and 2) didn’t look like blow-up doll type, porno actresses (a sure sign of a dodgy scammer or shill profile). Their first efforts didn’t bear much fruit, so they tried a different tack.

How to get replies: Tip to improve responses

See who’s chatting • What the guys found to be a good strategy is to approach women who were the most active within the community areas. Basically what our guys did was snoop on the chat system and forums for a few days and took note of the women who were on there regularly and seemed to be hot and up for it. Most times they didn’t even engage them whilst in the public chat areas but emailed them later on in private.

Sure enough, our plan worked a treat. That approach did exclude a heap of dead profiles, time-wasters, and scam merchants. Compared to sending cold emails, this proved to be the most effective approach on HornyWife.

Using the on-site tools

There’s a whole bunch of different search options available once you upgrade on HornyWife: Not only can you filter on body type, race, endowment (male), breast size (female), sexual preference, marital status and so on. You can also filter-out inactive people by setting the last visit date.

Another nifty new feature worth a mention in the message box. Friendfinder (who’re behind HornyWife) radically improved this feature recently. It now gives a whole bunch of extras, letting you send email attachments, private photos, it even lets you search message threads, and to keep tabs on different conversations among your contacts list.

Tips for women

 What about women? •   Girls, unless you look like Godzilla you’re gonna get hit on right from the get-go. So your number one priority is to weed out the perverts, losers, and time-wasters from your inbox and chat queue. I had a lot of guys just looking for cam tricks. Really “if you want that freakin stuff just goes to a cam site in the first place and stop wasting everyone’s time.”

Tell them exactly what you’re into, and your limits • Say exactly what your sexual preferences are (be clear) and where you stand relationship-wise too. If you’re not prepared to meet in real life, say so loud and clear. There’s a special option for erotic chat/phone fantasies that will suit you fine if you don’t actually want to meet in real life.

If you’re attached, say so; and include what couple action you’re willing to partake in if any, fetishes and so on. Putting these details on your profile prevents false expectations from the start. Guys on there don’t take well to being strung along.


Don’t you just love a site with a name like UpForIt? Flings, no strings sex, and adulterous encounters. That’s why people are meant to go there. But how does UpForIt measure up against other craigslist personals alternative sites? Is it any good? Are there any real users? Or is it a big fat scam? That’s what I wanted to find out.

Granted, it’s a plush site on the face of it with a bang up to date design. You can see everything is done with no expense spared. It has a glossy, polished look. It’s from the same company that runs Shagaholic. So if that rings alarm bells, you might want to read my other review about that one as well.

I did my best, as did the Naughty Dating Only gang, to give UpForIt a thorough checking out. What I found after a couple of weeks using this website was that there’s a ton of spoof profiles there. Like Shagaholic, when you arrive they blast you non-stop with dumb one-liner messages. That just makes me want to pull my hair out – just like a freaking crazy girl!

There’s a lot of younger horny chicks on there too. But what we found is that these girls are blasted day-in-day-out with messages and hookup offers.

Once you get around that abuse and spot the real people, it gets easier. And being a much bigger knocking shop than Shagaholic, getting laid is a tad more on the cards.

Who’s On UpForIt?

UpForIt is filled with singles, couples, and marrieds. To be blunt, it really doesn’t matter. The type of people on UpForIt don’t give a hoot about your relationship status – or if you lie about it. Our inside mole told us at least 30% of those “singles” on there are believed to be married in any case.

Couples are an exception ● What you will see though is couples will want to know more about you. Couples ordinarily like to hook up with other people with the same relationship status as them. Unless they just happen to want a single. That goes on less often these days in swinger events.

When swingers are looking for a single, it’s usually a woman they want. If it’s a man they’re after, he basically needs to be a sexual god who’s “hung like a pony”.

You’re Single? Do This First

Matures are the easier prey ● What we found is that “average” single guys on there will do better to look for mature babes. There are plenty of hot, older women on UpForIt. And yes, they are gagging for it. What we realized is that loads of them are totally lonely and frustrated. Because of a lack of male attention.

Yes, there’s a lot of younger horny chicks on there too. But what we found is that these girls are blasted day-in-day-out with messages and hookup offers. Guys, you have a lot of competition for those few young hotties in bikinis. Especially the ones who look like they belong on the cover of FHM.

Coming across as a player, even on a hookup site like this, doesn’t go down well with matures.

There’s a lot of prime male meat strutting it about on UpForIt. And let’s be honest, your pole might look like a chipolata compared to the rods on these ripped macho dudes. So you have to be smarter to get laid!

Come on, guys! Do you want to waste your time dreaming? There’s no harm in contacting a few of these beautiful bimbos. But pinning your hopes on just a few pin-up girls with model looks will end in misery and lack of carnal pleasures. That doesn’t mean you have to go for the ugly skanks. No, it just means doing what you have to do to sow your seed.

Sharpen Up Your Profile

What we found with other casual dating sites is that you have to customize your profile for the type of girl you’re after. Older gals have been around the block a few times. They’ve heard all the bullshit you guys can give before. And likely any other stuff you can make up too.

When you bling-up your profile, you need to put something in other than a few corny one-liners and a crappy selfie photo. These older women can see through that sort of stuff a mile away. Try putting in something individual and quirky. A few bits and bobs that will make you stick in her mind.

One big no-no: Coming across as a player, even on a hookup site like this, doesn’t go down well with matures. We found this many times over. It figures. A lot of these ripe women have been burnt by players in the past. Now they’re just sick and tired of their bad-boy tricks and leave them to the younger women who don’t know any better.

Avoiding the Spam

As we got a lot of spam contacts, I thought I’d give a few tips on how to deal with that problem. I don’t know if what I got were real messages. I have no idea. But when I upgraded a lot of this crap instantly disappeared. Adultmatefind’s other reviewers all found the same thing.

What we found is there’s a simple and idiot-proof way of dealing with them. Reply back with a very particular question. Something like “What did you think of such and such that happened yesterday in the news?”. If they’re a real person, they’ll get back to you with something that makes sense.

Spammers will ignore this kind of question totally. That’s because you’re getting a machine created message or because they’re in some wretched third world sweatshop and don’t have a f***ing clue what you’re talking about.

Either way, you know not to waste any more time with them quickly. And you can add them to your block list for good measure.

Is It Worth It?

UpForIt isn’t the greatest hookup site out there. But it’s not the worst either. Most of the sexual activity and connections happen behind the paywall. Well out of reach of free users. So if you’re thinking of going there and getting laid with a freebie account, forget it. We’ve tried, and it doesn’t work. As with other adult dating websites, you only get a teaser of what’s on offer.

I didn’t like the nagging spam and messaging I had there. If it had been real, fine, it would’ve been flattering. But so much of what I saw was just blatant trash. It’s a sign of the times. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Avoiding it isn’t a big issue – just use my advice above.

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